Thursday, December 30, 2010


Happy New Year from the Women's Basketball Team!

As the new year approaches, we leave 2010 at a record of 8-6. We have had some great wins, some rough losses, injuries, and a lot of fun during the first half of our season. Like every team and just like life-we have had our ups and downs. We leave 2010 on a win against Goshen College in our own Holiday Classic- it was a great mark to add on the last few days of the year.

With 2011 coming in, we have some challenges. We still have 14 games before tournament. This is the time where games mean just a little bit more, conference time. We hope to win the conference so we are able to host the conference tournament come late February. We will continue to prepare ourselves for each and every game and have fun doing it. There isn't another group of girls I would want to bring in the new year with than my teammates and coaching staff. I am thankful for all obstacles and positive happenings that occured in 2010 and I surely hope they continue on.

Our first 2011 game will be on Wednesday, January 5th versus defending conference champ, Cardinal Stritch. It will be a tough game, but with the next few practices preparing us-we will be just fine and hope to get a win on our home floor! I hope to see EVERYONE who follows the blog at the game. Tipoff is at 5 pm and the men's game follows.


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Wednesday, December 29, 2010




DECEMEBER 29, 2010 vs. GOSHEN COLLEGE AT 3pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#21 :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Happy Holidays from the Purdue University Calumet Women's Basketball Team!!!

Hey everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season! As the snow falls and it starts to look like Christmas, I hope you all stay warm and safe. There is nothing like driving in the holiday rush of traffic!

Currently we are 7-4 coming off a home victory against Viterbo yesterday. We put 40 minutes together and came out with a "W". It was a good win to take us into a tough match up @ St. Francis (Fort Wayne) on Wednesday. They are a tough team and they have had successful seasons leading up to this one. We'll take a bus 3 hours east and hopefully bring a win back to PUC before heading into a few days off for Christmas. What a gift that will be!

On that note, what IS the meaning of Christmas? Is it just receiving gifts, quality time with your family, giving, music, food, or the celebration of Christ? As Christmas morning approaches do you get excited more for the gifts or the time with your family? Some answer will vary and some will surprise you. What is your answer? Christmas is the holiday for giving and to me, the holiday for appreciating what you already have or have had in the past. Not everyone gets what they want and not everyone gets what they NEED during this season. Much like Thanksgiving, you should be VERY thankful for the blessings you have received day in and day out. Maybe share with someone who hasn't had that blessing? Just an idea to think about..

Once again, Happy Holidays and stay warm!!!!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Tis The Season

Hey everyone! As the holiday approaches-that means the first semester of school is finishing up! It's great to finally be able to say that. Four months of school, basketball, and work is tiring! A month break will be great and it'll enable us players to focus on just family, basketball, and work. For all of you followers, don't forget we DO play games over break. We have 5 games including a home tournament December 28th/29th. We would love to get the same turn out as the first tournament hosted!

To update you with the team we are currently 5-4. We lost a heartbreaker at Olivet last Tuesday by 6. We played solid basketball for 40 minutes, but just came up short. We were well prepared credit to Coach Megyesi going into the game. You can't win them all, right? Tomorrow we have a conference game where we travel towards my hometown-Holy Cross. It'll be another tough game just like every other. We hope to bring a win back to Purdue Calumet.

Well, for all you student followers I hope you finish strong on your finals-best of luck! Also, to our fans we hope to see you soon at our next home game-Decemeber 18th. It's been too long since our last home game! Bring your friends and come support your lady peregrines versus Viterbo. Tip-off is at 3pm!

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Friday, December 3, 2010

And Then There Was 10

Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay on blogging. These past few weeks sure have been hectic with the semester ending. We have dropped 2 games in a row putting us a 5-3 so far this year. We have had many injuries and nagging pains that have set us back a little. We've had concussions, knee problems, shoulder problems, deep bruising, back problems, ETC! It is a rough season and come conference time we need ALL 10 players healthy and at their best.

Our next game is Tuesday at Olivet. They are always a great team with a 90 second sub rotation, playing 15 girls. They like to trap and press and shoot the 3. The speed of the game will be VERY uptempo. We have been preparing in practice this week to get us the much needed win on the road.

Sorry this is so short, but back to the grind. Due dates for projects, studying for finals, and doing online quizzes are calling.

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Friday, November 26, 2010


Hey everyone! This blog is going to be written by THREE of us :) Jenny Britton, Alex Starr, and myself, Stephaine Beck. We have reached our destination in Iowa. We had a great shoot around and a yummy dinner at Ryan's steakhouse. It was like a family dinner :)
The dinner was by far one of the funniest experiences ever. We had one of the most outgoing waitresses, her name was Judy and she did a chant for us. It was a tremendous chant, buttttttttt she called us "PAC" instead of "PUC" hahahaha She loved her job, definitely.
Back at the hotel room now we want to tell you about our sweet SUITE. haha Umm, first off-it's HUGE and spacious. Not to mention, we got a FIREPLACE!!!!! We have a kitchen, 2 tvs, a bedroom with 2 beds, a bathroom, and the livingroom is gigantic with a separate pull out bed. Oh, and Alex wants you all to know there also is a dishwasher! Even though we won't be doing any type of housewife chores here.
Besides all that, tomorrow is what we came here for. We play a tough Mount Mercy team at 1 pm (cst). According to the scouting report they have great shooters, they run a fast break, and they are good rebounders. We are without one of our post players tomorrow unfortunately. Lindsey Whitcomb suffered a concussion last game. Even though we don't have her she still came here to support us and we'll have others step up to fill in her shoes.
Well, we're going to do a little homework, watch a movie and head off to bed. Hope you all check up on us Saturday night or Sunday morning to see how the game went, if not we'll be blogging again soon!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Road Less Traveled.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and got to spend time with their family members, friends, and all other great people!! I can honestly say I am extremely thankful for every opportunity I have gotten being a PUC student-athlete. There is nothing I would change and I couldn't be any more happy at another place. Anyway, I got to go home and see my family in Mishawaka. It was a GREAT time. There is NOTHING like family. Now back at school Thanksgiving night- it is time to prepare for a game in IOWA.

Tomorrow we will depart for Iowa at noon for a 4 hour bus ride and an overnight stay to play on Saturday afternoon at 1 pm versus Mount Mercy. I do not know much about them, but we will bring our 'A game' and show up ready to play. We have continued to prepare ourselves for upcoming games. This week we are coming off a big win as we were victorious against IUSB, a division 1 team. We are now 5-1 and still hungry for more wins. We have a chance to do something extremely special this year and that is where our focus is.

Hopefully this isn't the only time we travel on the long road that not many travel on this year. Each day I tell myself and remind my teammates that we CAN make it to nationals. Not only to instill in their heads that we are good enough, but to remind them we have an opportunity of a lifetime to do big things with this group we have and become something special that the PUC athletic family will never forget.

Time to pack my bags!! Thanks for following and I'll be writing again to tell you all about the trip to Iowa.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


First loss of the season is always hard. 4-1 isn't bad, but 5-0 is better. We will see how everyone responds in practice today. The ONLY good thing about losing is that you can improve on the areas you didn't perform well in the night before. We have to refocus and regroup and bring it again on Tuesday night. Like mentioned before these games we play now are to help us prepare and peak for conference. Not saying wins and losses don't matter, but they enable us to get everything out so we look sharp come conference time.

Even the greatest players in the game of basketball lost. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, etc. You can't go undefeated your whole career, BUT it's how you respond to a loss that truly makes a great player


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GAME DAY!!!!!!

It's that time again...GAME DAY!!!!

Purdue University Calumet (4-0) vs. Bethel College (4-1)..tipoff is at 7 pm!

This is a BIG game! LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can't make it to the Fitness and Rec Center then you can watch it at:

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Believe it or not, this is where WE want to be in March-Sioux City Iowa!!!!

Hey everyone! Thanks for following the blog. Currently we are sitting at 4-0 with winning last nights contest 102-60 in Michigan. Arguably it was probably one of the hardest games yet because of the 4 1/2 hour bus ride. The beginning of the game was extremely sluggish and it wasn't until half time when Coach Medge got on our cases that we turned a switch and started playing OUR game. For future recruits, don't get 2 fouls in the first half of play or else you have to sit the WHOLE time and definitely never get 2 fouls the first 3 minutes of the game. Needless to say, I learned to hate that rule real fast last night ;)

Tuesday is a BIG game. We play on our home court versus a solid Bethel team. This game is a big game for us because they usually are a nationals team and also for me because the college is back in my hometown of Mishawaka. I don't recall the last time we've beat them, but it certainly hasn't been since I've been here. It'd be a great win for the program. We have to stay focused and stay hungry! Each player has to continue to contribute in every aspect that they have because we NEED ALL 11 players to be victorious.

Hope to see everyone at 7pm on Tuesday night!!!! GO PEREGRINES!

Until next time..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010-2011 TEAM INTRO

Hey everyone! My name is Stephaine Beck and I am a junior from Mishawaka, IN on the women's basketball team this season. Just like Mike Patton on the men's team I am PROUDLY a part of the Peregrine Posse as a Vice President. Basically, I pick up Mike's slacking ;) I encourage EVERYONE to join this club!! It's fun and only $5 to be part of the growth of our student fan club here on campus. It's the most rapid growing club on campus with 180+ official members!!!! The $5 cost is to pay for the shirt. HOW CHEAP, HUH?! Be a part of the club and show your school spirit!!! Athletics is quickly progressing since I've been here in all aspects. PUC is heading in the right direction, fast!!! This is thanks to our chancellor/vice chancellor, athletic director, sports information director, all coaches, athletic office workers, athletes and our fans.

Just to update some followers if you haven't been reading we are currently 3-0 playing all 3 games on our home court. This Saturday we take on Michigan-Dearborn in our first away game of the season. This game is important just as any other game, but it'll be our first test to see how we face the adversity of playing in a different environment. The support we have gotten over the years is appreciated and the amount of fans at ours games over the past 2 1/2 years that I have been here has turned for the good. WE ARE GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!

The team this year has a little bit of everything. We have 4 starters back, a deep bench and a great coaching staff. We were pre-season ranked 2nd in conference with 1 all-conference player (MeMe Harris), 1 honorable mention (Me), and a freshmen of the year (Tierra Turner) award winner in the 2009-2010 season returning. Incoming freshmen Brooklyn Short and Madison Gervais have made immediate impact, while IWU transfer Lindsay Whitcomb gives us great height under the basket. Savannah Hauter joins our basketball team after a long season with the volleyball team. She brings great work ethic in. Alex Starr has been an immediate impact for our team on the wing since her freshmen campaign last year. She is a tremendous shooter and has added to her game over the summer. Chrissy Lobo is a strong, but small post for us along with Amanda Gaskin playing at the same spot. They are both on the blocks, but play BIG for us and contribute. Senior wing Jennifer Britton is as always a great shooter and by my opinion the best shooter in our conference. MeMe Harris is coming off of an ACL injury, but has fully recovered and still one of the fastest point guards in the CCAC. Lastly, Tierra Turner is also on the block for us this year. We don't have too much height so just like the others she is a small post and last seasons freshmen of the year in the conference. We have worked hard in the off-season and during the beginning of this season thus far. Our goal is to win conference and advance to the national tournament hosted in Iowa in March, but until March it's one game at a time. With the talent, motivation, and heart we have this year it could be THE year!! We hope to see YOU at upcoming games. We appreciate all the support!!!!!! GO PEREGRINES!!!

I'll end on a quote by the best coach in the country (well, behind Coach Megyesi, haha) ;

"A basketball team is like the five fingers on your hand. If you can get them all together, you have a fist. That's how I want you to play." -Mike Krzyzewski (Duke University Men's Basketball)

Until next time..
PS-I'm new with keep following and we'll keep you up to date with the "happenings" around here :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

(BRIAN BOYLE) Thursday June 27th

Nadia Mitchem was our first speaker of the day. I had spoken with her at the reception on Monday and was excited for her presentation to us. Nadia is a senior officer, of corporate partnerships with the American Red Cross. She also has worked in disaster fundraising to support emergency and crisis relief efforts around the globe. Some of the corporate partners Nadia works with are Land Rover, Sears, State Farm, and Fortune 100. The reasons she chose the Red Cross to engage in her profession is because of community engagement, the humanitarian role, and she looks at the vision/missions of companies. She spoke to us about recognizing opportunities and to use time management. After speaking to her, I made up a list of things I would like to accomplish in the next few years including, travel to different countries, get more involved in the Red Cross or another philanthropic organization, learn another language, and to become more organized! I really enjoyed listening to Nadia; she has such a passion for her job, it is contagious!

After Nadia spoke to us, Paula Boggs came in for a while to speak with us. Paula is the Executive Vice President, and General Counsel and Secretary of Starbucks, and she is also a part of the American Red Cross Board of Governors. In this role, she leads the Law and Corporate Affairs department, advising a wide range of Starbucks partners on legal and business issues. Her legal career began as a United States army officer assigned to the Pentagon. She also worked as a staff attorney for the White House before leaving the service in 1988. Paula is also a singer and songwriter and recently has released an album titled, “A Buddha State of Mind.” Her opinion of winning the day includes “focus and just wanting it more!” Paula was very upbeat and interesting to hear from!

Our next speaker was Brian Boyle. Earlier in the trip, we had been given a book that Brian had written, so at night I had been reading a little bit of his book. Now, he has to be the most inspirational person, EVER!! I will always keep his book with me because my challenges are so miniscule to the battles he has endured in his young life. Brian is an American Red Cross volunteer but when he was 18, he was in a terrible car crash and was told he would never walk again. From his accident, he had lost over 60% of his blood, his heart had moved across his chest, and his organs and pelvis were pulverized. In 2007, Brian Boyle staged what many consider to be one of the greatest comebacks in sports history when he crossed the finish line at the Hawaii Ironman just three years after leaving the Intensive Care Unit. Brian’s story is such an inspiration and meeting him and his parents was a great experience! One of his favorite bands is also my favorite, 311 which is awesome as well! What I took from Brian’s presentation is that mind over matter wins every time, that people underestimate themselves, and to never hold a grudge.

(CAPITAL HILL) Wednesday, June 16th

In the morning, we continued to work on our strategic plans and by now, we were just putting the finishing touches on everything. At 11:00 we came downstairs for a catered luncheon, where we had the privilege of eating with and hearing from Dr. Allan Goldberg, Chair of Quality and Regulatory Compliance Subcommittee and member of the Audit and Risk Management Committee for the American Red Cross National Board of Governors. Dr. Goldberg was a very nice man and it was such a privilege to speak with him not only as a board member, but also as a blood drive leader at Merck, an international pharmaceutical company. I was especially interested in Dr. Goldberg because my cousin has been working as an engineer at Merck for the past 18 years! So I have been to the absolutely monstrous facility and its surrounding areas in Philly.

After lunch we had the opportunity to tour the United States Capital building, which was a really neat experience. It was absolutely breath-taking how beautiful the architecture was. My favorite part of the visit, though, was when we made it to the Senate Chamber. The senators were in the process of voting on something (I’m not sure what), and it was incredible to be in the same room with well-known political figures such as John Kerry and the Indiana senators Evan Bayh and Dick Lugar.

When the tour was finished, we all headed out to the front of the capital building for some pictures, and they were hilarious! We tried the jumping picture thing again, and it was basically an epic failure, but we got a few good ones and it was a lot of fun!

After the tour, our group ended up splitting in half. Half of the group went to the National Archives and the other half of us could hardly think of walking any further so we headed into Union Station. We grabbed some delicious Chinese food and relaxed for awhile and then did a little shopping before heading back to the dorms to sleep!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tuesday morning, we started out the day listening to Julia Wulf speak to us about maximizing the blood region experience. Julia is the Chief Executive Officer of the Lewis and Clark Biomedical Services Region (the Utah, Oregon, area). She has been the CEO since 2004. She gave us some great tips including leadership according to Julia: “find your passion, be prepares, team diversity, work/life balance, value kindness, and leading vs. managing.” We also asked her how she wants to be remembered. She responded by saying, “I want to be remembered as a leader who cared and had great ideas and her region wouldn’t be where it is at without her.” She was really inspirational and I really enjoyed hearing her input and leadership advice!We then had another workshop with Rob Haworth, this one focusing on growth mindset.

Fixed mindset is when you believe intelligence and talent are fixed, whereas growth mindset is when you believe intelligence and talent can be cultivated. Having a growth mindset will get you places; on the other hand, fixed mindset may get you nowhere. Intelligence and talent are important qualities to have, but if you don’t believe you can get smarter or become better at what you love, you’re crazy! Rob also spoke to us about covenants. A covenant is a solemn agreement to do or keep from doing a specified thing. At first, I didn’t really know what to think of the idea, but the more the group talked about it, we decided we would build our own covenant for our 2010 class of student-athletes. We thought of different things we would all agree to do at our separate schools and we filmed them and presented the covenant to Brian and Jennifer on our last day at work.

We then had lunch with Rob and Staci again before heading down to the headquarters office where we could get to spend a few moments with Gail McGovern, the President and CEO of the American Red Cross. Gail has also help top management positions at AT&T Corporation and Fidelity Investments and she has also taught at Harvard Business School. In 2000 and 2001, Gail was recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the top 50 most powerful women in corporate America. Gail was by far my favorite speaker, and even though we got to spend only a few minutes with her, her thoughts and advice I will always remember. She said “if you want it, you can have it.” Although, that is a little farfetched in some aspects, I think it is inspiring because if set your goals high, your life will be full of possibilities and opportunities!

After work, I was so exhausted; I went back to the dorms and passed out for a few hours. After getting some beauty rest, the girls headed out for an ice cream run; this time Conie Island was our destination! There was a park nearby, so we went there and ate our ice cream. Before you know it, with all the cheerleaders in our group, we were learning cheerleading moves. What a sight! It was so much fun, and the girls in this group are especially close!

Friday, August 20, 2010

(WORKING WITH OUR CEOs) Monday, June 14th

The first day of week 2!! It has come to the point that all of us are so close, it’s crazy! Monday morning, we were all pumped up for our workshops with Rob Haworth. Rob is the vice President for Champions of Character and has been since July of 2008. Before his role as Vice President, he was the superintendent of Warsaw Community Schools in Warsaw, Indiana. Rob spent the morning with us focusing on the Core values of the NAIA and also on finding our locus of control. The core values of the NAIA are integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and servant leadership. I think these values are what makes the NAIA so great and what separates us from the NCAA. I really enjoyed Rob’s workshop with us and a quote that I grabbed from his presentation was “if character development is not your first priority, then all your other priorities are at risk.” This quote will definitely stay with me for years to come!

We then worked on our strategic plans for an hour before our lunch with Rob Haworth and Staci Schottman. Our plan was coming along very well and we had just thought of a interacting game for our presentation. After lunch, Sharon Jaksa was our next speaker. Sharon graduated from Michigan State and she currently is the Chief Executive Officer in the Great Lakes Region in Lansing MI with the American Red Cross. Sharon talked to us about maximizing the blood region experience and her insights were helpful for what we should and shouldn’t do when conducting our blood drives.

We then were each filmed for the NAIA student filming. We were asked to repeat a long phrase and then speak about what the NAIA Champion of Character core values meant to each of us. I get so nervous when I have to speak in front of people, so it was extremely nerve racking in front of a camera! We the continued to plan for our presentations for Friday until about four when we headed back to the dorms to get ready for the reception!

The reception was so much fun. There were so many interesting people to talk to; it was a great networking event! Sam and I worked the room real good, we had awesome conversations with everyone especially Nadia Mitchem, who would be speaking to us later in the week, and also with Sharon Jaksa’s daughter who was heading to Africa to work in an orphanage that next week. It’s amazing how one conversation could get you that big interview in a few years!

After the reception, we went back to the dorms, changed and decided we needed some Ben &Jerry’s. At this point in the trip, I am starting to love all our ice cream runs and all the different flavors at Ben & Jerry’s. Since I’m so picky and like only cheesecake flavored, Ben and Jerry’s is amazing because its strawberry cheesecake! YUM! Later in the night, Jon and I decided we were hungry so Jon, Patrick, and I headed out to find some food! We ended up eating at this little hole in the wall, Lindy’s pub and grill, but it was delicious!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

(SHOPPING) Sunday, June 13

Since Sunday was the only day in the trip that we were given the day off, I used it to my full advantage to sleep in. My roommate Amber and I both woke up around noon and received a text that a group was heading to The Hard Rock Café in about a half hour. We got ready quickly and along with Olivia, were out the door in fifteen minutes. Hard Rock Café was awesome! I had only been in one other one in Puerto Rico so it was a ton of fun for me! I bought the souvenir cup for my mom and a shirt for myself!

After lunch, Amber, Olivia, and I grabbed a cab and headed to Georgetown for some quality shopping! After shopping for a few hours, we headed back to the dorms to regroup with everyone to head to Arlington Cemetery before dinner. We were a little rushed at Arlington since it was a little longer walk than expected. But after watching the changing of the guards, we headed back to our metro stop-foggy bottom. We then walked the few block and met up with Brian, Jennifer. We had dinner at Bertucci’s, an amazing Italian restaurant with Rob Haworth (Vice President for Champions of Character at the NAIA) and Staci Schottman (Director of Public Relations and Communications at the NAIA). Rob and Staci had pre-ordered our meals and they were delicious!! Having dinner with Rob and Staci got everyone excited for the next two days we would be spending with them.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

(D.C TOUR!!) Saturday, June 12th

We headed out from the dorms around 9:30 to start our tour of Washington D.C. We went everywhere you could imagine that day. I loved it! We started on the metro station and got off at Union Station where Jennifer handed each of us questions and we started our tour at Union Station where there was a lot of history.

Our next stop was the Supreme Court; we didn’t get a chance to go in but we took pictures outside. After that, we went to the Library of Congress, which was my favorite building in all of D.C. It was absolutely beautiful inside and all of the books! I was in heaven! At the Library of Congress, I bought a book on Martin Luther King Jr., and also a silver pendant. We then walked past the Capitol where we learned that the Armed Liberty faces the east because the sun never sets on freedom. We also learned that the Lincoln Memorial faces General Lee so he could get his revenge on Lee. Lee is buried on his land plot which is also Arlington Cemetery so he can look at all of the graves for eternity. JFK was also at Arlington days before his death so he is also buried above Arlington. We then went to the Botanical Gardens, which were gorgeous! We tried some jumping in the air group pictures and failed miserably before heading to the National Art Gallery for lunch.

After the National Art Gallery, where we took some great pictures, we headed to the Holocaust Museum. The Holocaust Museum was, if I had to make a choice, my favorite part of the entire trip. I learned so much that I believe I would have never learned from a history course, it was so real.

Amber, Patrick, Sam, and I ended up being the last ones out of the museum so we headed back to the dorms together. We were sort of looking for food and shopping, and we ended up being a very long ways away from the dorms! Patrick started a little documentary on his camcorder device of our death march back home. It was about 95 degrees and so humid that day and we had already been outside or walking since 10 am. We finally got back to the dorms around 6 o’clock after walking for over an hour! The rest of the night we all just hung out.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

(LAURIOL PLAZA) Friday June 11th

We started off the morning with a guest speaker about our age. Bianca Kahlenberg is the co-chair of the National Youth Council and also President of her Red Cross Club at the University of Florida. She spoke to us about all the do’s and don’ts to starting a Red Cross Club on our campuses. Her information was very real and informational.

After Bianca spoke to us, we worked on our strategic plans until lunch. Following lunch, Jackie Battle came in to say a few words to us. She gave her blood recipient story and it was very emotional. At the American Red Cross, Jackie is a senior administrative specialist in sales and marketing within the biomedical services. Jackie is also a part of the donor recruitment committee at the Red Cross.

For the rest of the afternoon, we worked on our strategic plans and then straight from work to Lauriol Plaza where we were going to have dinner. It was such a nice Mexican restaurant and the food was delicious! I had a chimichanga, and it was also a great time for everyone to get to know each other as well. Brian was so generous and paid for our dinners, Thanks Brian! After dinner, Katie( one of the bosses, part of the leadership program last year), Jon (from Bethel College), Patrick ( from California), and Jennifer (the lady who put this whole trip together, aka amazing person!), and I decided we wanted ice cream! So we went to Ben & Jerry’s, where I had strawberry cheesecake ice cream of course! After ice cream, we all just headed back to the dorms where we all hung out until bed.

Friday, July 23, 2010

(DIVERSITY AWARENESS) Thursday June 10th

We started off the morning with a diversity awareness session with Tim O’Malley. He is the Founder and Lead Consultant for Fios Consulting. His work focuses on culture change and transition, the integration of diversity into business processes, multicultural education, team development, and leadership development. This diversity training was one of my favorite parts of the week. He engaged the group in different activities including a card game when each of us were playing a version of Spades. But we didn’t know that each table had a different set of rules. So when the winners and losers switched tables, we all assumed we were playing the same game. It was so frustrating because we could not talk and had to figure out what was going on. Eventually, one person just took over and dictated each table and that person was the winner. At my table, Hanna and I dictated who won each hand, but I ended up winning the game. We basically just made our own rules to each specific table and made it work.

After lunch, we had a few more speakers, the first of being Vicki Thomas. Vicki is the director of the Sales and Marketing sector of the Biomedical Services at the American Red Cross. We learned the tagline, “the need is constant. The gratification is instant. Give blood.” Vicki spoke to us about banners and logos for the Red Cross. I never knew there were so many rules and that we can only use certain colors! She also spoke of common barriers for our age group the first few including: we’re too busy, we have a fear either of needles or the unknown and temporary deferrals.

Our next speaker was Kelly High. Kelly is in the marketing and information technology sector of the American Red Cross. She spoke to us about competition on our campuses. I honestly had no idea that there were other blood services besides the Red Cross. Growing up, I have always been surrounded by the Red Cross. She also gave us tips to making blood donors lifelong donors. Some of these tips include the following: make it fun, create a theme, special treatment for first time donors, and recognition and appreciate.

After Kelly spoke with us, we headed upstairs to the 9th floor to the office to work on our strategic plans some more. Our group seemed to lean toward doing our own thing. We split the work up and went with it. The plan seemed to work out well, because when everyone else was nervous about presentations, our group was calm and collective because we knew we had everything put together nicely.

After work, some people decided to stay in but the rest of us went a few blocks down to the Farmer’s Market. I had never been to a farmer’s market like this before. This one took up a whole block and there were so many vendors; it was really cool! I tried some milk that was straight from the cows and very good! Also in the park, there was a reggae concert going on which was awesome, because I love reggae.

After listening to some reggae, Jessi, Steven, Jake, and I headed out to do some more sightseeing. We first went to the White House, because the first time when we went, we didn’t bring out cameras for security reasons. So we took a bunch of pictures outside of the White House and then headed to the Washington Monument. After the Washington Monument, we went to the World War Two Memorial, and then continued up the path to the Lincoln Memorial. Jake almost got us kicked out of the Lincoln Memorial because he was being loud and you’re supposed to keep your voices to a whisper within the memorial. After we hit up the gift shop, we started walking back to the dorms looking for food. Steven was trying to find us a restaurant using his amazing Droid phone and we got so turned around, it was hilarious! Finally we asked for a good restaurant, and there ended up being Tonic right down the block from our dorms. That restaurant was amazing!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

(WHITE HOUSE TOUR) Wednesday, June 9th

Tuesday afternoon we learned that our “special tour” on our itineraries was a tour of the White House! At 8:30, we all met in front of headquarters, and as group walked the few blocks to the White House together. Of course, me being my forgetful self left my driver’s license in my room so I had to run back to the dorms, in heels, and then catch up with the group. The tour itself was amazing! After multiple security checks, we finally got into the White House. We got to visit the downstairs area including the library, the vermeil room, the china room, the east room, the green room, the blue room, the red room, and the state dining room. My favorite room was the state dining room because of the flowers on the tables. We learned that a florist has a shop in the basement of the White House and switches up the flowers every 2-3 days and also makes the flower pots. We were the first group of NAIA students to get to go on the tour, so thank you Jennifer Lourie for making that happen!!

After the tour, the group headed back to headquarters to get started on our work for the day. Katie and Tori shared their experiences from last year with us and what they did at their blood drives. They told us what worked for their campuses and what didn’t. Their presentation really helped us to see how much of a difference we can make and that we must never feel discouraged! We took a long break for lunch and then resumed our day with Dr. Richard Benjamin. Dr. Benjamin was one of my favorite speakers in all of the two weeks! He is the Chief Medical Officer for Red Cross. He told us so much useful information for our blood drives. Our current blood drives are on the third floor which is not a good idea at all. Although, I do not know where else our drives could be so that donors have easy access. I asked Dr. Benjamin why women have a tendency to get deferred often because of their iron level. He replied that different ethnicities have different amounts of iron in their bodies and the standard for giving blood is based on Caucasians. I thought this was interesting because I have always thought my iron was low, but from Dr. Benjamin I learned that it may not be!

Our next speaker was Gloria Huang who is a social media specialist for the ARC. She spoke to us about Facebook, Twitter, and blogs that could assist us in gaining support for our blood drives. After her presentation, the group went upstairs to work on our strategic plans! My group consisted of Olivia Goodall (from Atlanta), Kayla Anderson (from Kansas), and Jake Fox (from Oklahoma). Our topic was Support and Sustainability on our campus. We were to discuss how we can gain the support for our blood drives and how we can sustain our success after we graduate in a few years.

After working on our strategic plans until five, the group headed back to the dorms to get ready to go out for the night. A couple of people got suggestions for restaurants from locals so we all decided to go to Nooshi, an Indian restaurant a few blocks away. I had sushi for dinner and it was delicious! Larke, from Mississippi, was sitting next to me and she had never had sushi before so I had her try mine since it was a pretty basic combination and would be good for someone’s first time. I will never forget her face! She was trying so hard to keep it down, she absolutely hated it! That is the last time I will ever suggest somebody try something new!!

After dinner, Amber, Steven, and I went across the street to a sports store. I was in desperate need of a jacket since I forgot mine at home! And they had special edition flat billed Nationals hats so I could get my boyfriend a present! After we made our purchases, we were making our way down the street to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and all of a sudden we were told to stop walking. So curious as we were, we waited right there and a man was rushed out the door of the Palm Restaurant surrounded by security guards and ushered into his black SUV with extreme tinted windows. Turns out, it was the President of Georgia that I was so lucky to get a glimpse of!

I had my first Ben & Jerry’s experience that night, with strawberry cheesecake ice cream and it was delicious! When going to an ice cream place, I learned quickly that you don’t have many options if you don’t like chocolate! Afterwards, Sam, Jake, Larke, Hanna, and I took off for a late night jog down to the Washington Monument. It was so beautiful at night!

Friday, July 16, 2010

(NATIONALS GAME) Tuesday June 8th

We started off Tuesday morning by meeting the Executive Vice President of Biomedical Services, Chris Hrouda. He is the man who does all the work while Shaun Gilmore oversees and is the brains behind the whole operation at the Red Cross. He was very influential and encouraged each one of us to take on a challenge!

Next on our list of speakers was Eva Quinley, who had some last minute obligations to her family in Tennessee so she gave her presentation via conference call. Eva is Senior Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Affairs at the Red Cross. Eva is a specialist in blood banking and taught us everything we need to know about blood. An interesting statistic she passed along to us said that out of the 60% of Americans who are able to donate, only 5% of them do.

Our next speaker of the day was Jan Hale from Oklahoma. She is a communications manager for the southwest blood services region. She manages all internal and external communications and public relations activities for the state. Her presentation was very fun and interesting and the point of hers was for us to be creative and put our personalities into our blood drives!

After Jan Hale spoke to us, Chrystel Bell came in to make a presentation. Chrys is an account representative for the Great Chesapeake and Potomac Blood Services Region for the ARC. She shared her story with us of having to receive four transfusions to aid her during the birth of her daughter. She spoke to us about how to make our blood drives better!

Our last speaker of the day, in the office, was Cameron Branock whom I met before my D.C trip. He is a Donor Recruitment Representative for the Indiana-Ohio region and was also a part of the NAIA/Red Cross Collegiate Leadership Program of 2008. He spoke to us about his experiences both of his D.C trip and of his experiences once he went back to his campus to begin the blood drives. His main focus was on the TEAM acronym standing for Together Everyone Achieves More. He also spoke to us about how to make our blood drives more successful.

After Cam spoke to us, the group headed back to the dorms to change and get ready for the WASHINGTON NATIONALS GAME!! Everyone was extremely excited for this game since Stephen Strasburg was premiering in his first major league game. Once we arrived at the stadium around 4:30, the area surrounding the park was already packed! We waited around a while and then Israel Negron came out to meet us to give us our tickets before taking us up to the executive offices.

Waiting for us up at the executive office, was the executive vice president of the Nationals, Bob Wolfe. He is in his fifth season with the Nationals and before coming to Washington, he served with both the Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Hawks, including over a decade as the Braves’ Sr. Vice President of Administration. Bob Wolfe was an inspiration, he told us to do what we love and the way he spoke to us was so uplifting and filled with enthusiasm. He made the Nationals game more than I ever thought it would be (not being a baseball fan at all!) The game itself was AWESOME! We witnessed an amazing game and an emerging great player! Stephen had an awesome game and we were a part of that sold out crowd and also a part of history in the making! The game was so much fun!

Monday, July 12, 2010

(INTRODUCTIONS) Monday, June 7th

Amber and I woke up around 7:30 in anticipation for our first day at the National Headquarters. Fortunately, headquarters was about two blocks from where the group was staying at George Washington University. The group arrived at Headquarters together at about 8:55. We learned quickly to always arrive early! We received name tags, access passes (to get in the building and for the elevators.) Then we had a welcome introduction and met Brian Hamil, the man behind this whole program!

Our first guest speaker was Michael Brown, Vice President of Corporate and Foundation Partnerships at the American Red Cross. He really set the tone for our time here in D.C. He was energetic and passionate about what he does every day. His enthusiasm got the whole group very excited for what was to come! A quote he said to us by John Wooden stated, “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.” This quote is so true, many people are so caught up with what other people think about them when they should be more concerned with their life and living it to their potential regardless of what others think.

Our next speaker was Gerald (Jerry) DeFrancisco, who is President of Humanitarian Services at the Red Cross. I loved his presentation because he showed me how amazing international services are and made me want to join the Red Cross or Peace Corps and leave the United States for the while and be a volunteer and make an impact in a third world country.

After Jerry’s eye opening presentation, Shaun Gilmore, the President of Biomedical Services at the Red Cross came to speak to the group. He oversees all of the biomedical services at the ARC so he is a huge deal! His job as President of Biomedical Services is to grow the business and to provide leadership. His attitude is that at every opportunity, he asks himself “How can I make a difference?” I think that is a great way to look at life and I plan to strive to take that quote to heart.

After Shaun’s presentation, we walked a few blocks to the other buildings of ARC National Headquarters and received a tour of that area. We went into a beautiful room where we learned that our reception would take place there. After the tour, Katie and Tori brought the group upstairs so we could get settled at our desks in our office. And it was a beautiful view! We could see the Washington Monument right from where we were sitting, it was amazing!

We left the office around five, and headed back to the dorms to get changed to go to dinner. We went to Baja Fresh, sort of like a Chipotle for dinner, and it was good! After dinner, we relaxed and just got to know each other better as we walked to the Harbor (on the Potomac River). We met Brian there and also one of our speakers for the next day, Cameron and his wife, Sam, for gelato at the harbor. I had never had gelato before and it was delicious!

Around 10, a group of us girls decided we wanted to go running. Sam, Larke, Kayla, Becky and I headed out for our first tour of Washington D.C. We all tried to stay together as a group at first, but then Sam and I broke off a bit to release some of our energy. We were trying to run to the White House, but since it was dark we ran right past it and just kept on going. What was meant to be a thirty minute run ended up being over an hour! It felt great though, running in a beautiful city, I thought I could run forever!

Friday, July 9, 2010

(ARRIVE!) Sunday June 6th

I arrived in D.C around 4 p.m. to be welcomed with a text from Katie asking how my flight was. Although, I had no idea who Katie was at the time, because I didn’t receive the email from her and Tori. Katie and Tori were the two girls from last year's program who were asked to come back and take our group under their wing, and show us around D.C after work. I took a taxi to New Hall where I met Larke, Kayla, and Samantha. We waited in a line forever to get our keys, but it gave us a chance to get to know each other. Once we finally got to the dorms, I met a few more people and then we all just chilled before we went to Potbelly’s for a snack while waiting for Becky and Jessi.

After everyone except Jon arrived, we went out for a late dinner at Johnny Rockets. That first night, I knew that this group of people were going to be so close after the end of the two weeks. That first night we all interacted and came together so well even though we were complete strangers.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Good Morning Peregrine Fans!
I am Alex Starr, a member of the women's team here at Purdue Calumet and I am going to keep you updated with our team and all the goings on at Purdue Calumet! First, Let me introduce myself:

I am Alexandria Starr, number 10 on the basketball team, I am a sophomore shooting guard majoring in biology (pre-optometry). I am from Plymouth, Indiana, where no one has ever heard of. It is about an hour east of Merrillville on 30! I grew up in a small town and I am ready to move to a big city like Chicago, Philadelphia, or D.C once I graduate! Right now, I am headed to Optometry school after I graduate, but plans are never definited. I would love to travel while I can!! I love to run, read, golf, and just relax. I have been playing basketball all my life, but I never really became coordinated and expressed a love for the game until high school. One of my role models is Andrew Woodrich, one of my AAU coaches in high school, because I think between him and my mother, they helped me have a passion for this game. My favorite color is purple, my favorite music is a random mix of everything from 311 to Bob Marley to Drake and Alicia Keys. I love to eat so I have many favorite foods like strawberry cheesecake, cheetos, spaghetti, and filet mignon! I have a nice obsession with shopping, and I especially love shoes! I love everything for Jordans to boots to sandals to flip flops! Right now, my current obsessions are heels and high tops :)

Well that's all for now. Soon to come will be my Washington D.C trip and the annual Purdue Calumet/Powers Golf outing!!!

Until then here is a quote I stumbled upon this morning from the national chair and the leader of my Washington D.C trip, Brian Hamil:

"Leadership can't be claimed like luggage at the airport. Leadership can't be inherited, even though you may inherit a leadership position. And leadership can't be given as a gift-- even if you've been blessed with an abundance of leadership skills to share with someone else. Leadership must be earned by mastering a defined set of skills and by working with others to achieve common goals."
-David Cottrell


Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome Peregrine Fans!

PUC women's basketball player Alex Starr will leading us through her recent trip to Washington, D.C. as part of the prestigous NAIA/Red Cross Leadership Program. Alex will be posting her journal online in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned to the Peregrines' Women's Hoops blog for more information on her trip.