Friday, March 11, 2011


It's spring break-finally, a week off from school! I feel like I have been waiting for spring break to come ever since we had Christmas break. haha After spring break we will begin our off-season workouts. So far, a lot of the girls have been shooting and lifting but as of the first week back after break we have to start recording everything we do. Made shots, cardio, ladders, etc.

Our off-season goals are to make 15,000 shots up until September 13th- the first week of the 2011-2012 basketball season. Also, we have to set ourselves up to run a 6:15 miles and 50 consecutive push ups. There are a few other goals, but the main goal is TO GET BETTER. At this time next year- we want to be at the NAIA National Tournament. It is possible.

Hope everyone enjoys their break!

Until next time..


Friday, March 4, 2011

The Bigger Picture..

Take a look at the bigger picture and don't take things for granted. Above is a picture of a senior basketball player on scholarship, but has a heart condition which has inabled her to play her 4 years at Dayton University. She was given the opportunity of her life when Coach Jabir asked her to start on her senior night as he drew up a special play for her to score her first and only basket as a Flyer. She missed the first lay-up but with just over 18 minutes left in the first half she hit a layup and her defining moment was cherished with tears and smiles.

On another note, a high school basketball player in Michigan hit the game winning shot for his team to remain undefeated in the regular season. He was just 16 and one of the most pretigeous athletes to ever come through his high school-also being the football quarterback. Wes Leonard later collapsed after the celebration of the victory where he later died. An autoposy is being performed.

In Tennesee, at Middle Tennessee State a star point guard on the women's basketball team got in a fight with her roommate-whom later stabbed Tina Stewart to death right before the conference tourny that is scheduled for Sunday-where her teammates will still play and wear a "20gether" patch in her memory. Middle Tennessee State is the number one seed going into the tournament.

At BYU the star post player has been suspended from the team as he acted against school policy. BYU is ranked 3rd in the nation with hopes of a number one seed in the national tournament. There is a strict honor code at BYU-which the player agreed upon coming to BYU. He went against his word and broke that code letting down his peers, coach, and teammates.

Why am I blogging this? Why does it matter? It's taking opportunities and life for granted. You never know what is going to happen to you or when. It could be as small as getting into an accident and surviving or it could be the passing of the rest of your life. It's small things like this that motivate people to be better-to better themselves. Maybe there is more to these stories that we don't know, but given the opportunity to play a college sport on scholarship is one of the most honored oportunities a student athlete should respect. To learn at the highest level and excel in a sport is a gift. Some of these stories couldn't stop the outcome-which is sad, but it's a knock on the head saying: Don't take things for granted.

Coach always mentions this every year. From the smallest example to not hustling in a drill-at some point we all take life for granted. We have been given the opportunity of a lifetime and we still at one point take it casually. ALL of us. We're all guilty-speaking for myself too. Life is full of unexpected surprises...good and bad. Abide the rules, stay healthy, respect your surroundings, and stay away from negative influences in life. You control your own mindset and your own destiny. Take it to heights that you only dream of. Anything is possible.

Until next time..