Sunday, December 19, 2010


Happy Holidays from the Purdue University Calumet Women's Basketball Team!!!

Hey everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season! As the snow falls and it starts to look like Christmas, I hope you all stay warm and safe. There is nothing like driving in the holiday rush of traffic!

Currently we are 7-4 coming off a home victory against Viterbo yesterday. We put 40 minutes together and came out with a "W". It was a good win to take us into a tough match up @ St. Francis (Fort Wayne) on Wednesday. They are a tough team and they have had successful seasons leading up to this one. We'll take a bus 3 hours east and hopefully bring a win back to PUC before heading into a few days off for Christmas. What a gift that will be!

On that note, what IS the meaning of Christmas? Is it just receiving gifts, quality time with your family, giving, music, food, or the celebration of Christ? As Christmas morning approaches do you get excited more for the gifts or the time with your family? Some answer will vary and some will surprise you. What is your answer? Christmas is the holiday for giving and to me, the holiday for appreciating what you already have or have had in the past. Not everyone gets what they want and not everyone gets what they NEED during this season. Much like Thanksgiving, you should be VERY thankful for the blessings you have received day in and day out. Maybe share with someone who hasn't had that blessing? Just an idea to think about..

Once again, Happy Holidays and stay warm!!!!

Until next time..


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