Friday, July 16, 2010

(NATIONALS GAME) Tuesday June 8th

We started off Tuesday morning by meeting the Executive Vice President of Biomedical Services, Chris Hrouda. He is the man who does all the work while Shaun Gilmore oversees and is the brains behind the whole operation at the Red Cross. He was very influential and encouraged each one of us to take on a challenge!

Next on our list of speakers was Eva Quinley, who had some last minute obligations to her family in Tennessee so she gave her presentation via conference call. Eva is Senior Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Affairs at the Red Cross. Eva is a specialist in blood banking and taught us everything we need to know about blood. An interesting statistic she passed along to us said that out of the 60% of Americans who are able to donate, only 5% of them do.

Our next speaker of the day was Jan Hale from Oklahoma. She is a communications manager for the southwest blood services region. She manages all internal and external communications and public relations activities for the state. Her presentation was very fun and interesting and the point of hers was for us to be creative and put our personalities into our blood drives!

After Jan Hale spoke to us, Chrystel Bell came in to make a presentation. Chrys is an account representative for the Great Chesapeake and Potomac Blood Services Region for the ARC. She shared her story with us of having to receive four transfusions to aid her during the birth of her daughter. She spoke to us about how to make our blood drives better!

Our last speaker of the day, in the office, was Cameron Branock whom I met before my D.C trip. He is a Donor Recruitment Representative for the Indiana-Ohio region and was also a part of the NAIA/Red Cross Collegiate Leadership Program of 2008. He spoke to us about his experiences both of his D.C trip and of his experiences once he went back to his campus to begin the blood drives. His main focus was on the TEAM acronym standing for Together Everyone Achieves More. He also spoke to us about how to make our blood drives more successful.

After Cam spoke to us, the group headed back to the dorms to change and get ready for the WASHINGTON NATIONALS GAME!! Everyone was extremely excited for this game since Stephen Strasburg was premiering in his first major league game. Once we arrived at the stadium around 4:30, the area surrounding the park was already packed! We waited around a while and then Israel Negron came out to meet us to give us our tickets before taking us up to the executive offices.

Waiting for us up at the executive office, was the executive vice president of the Nationals, Bob Wolfe. He is in his fifth season with the Nationals and before coming to Washington, he served with both the Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Hawks, including over a decade as the Braves’ Sr. Vice President of Administration. Bob Wolfe was an inspiration, he told us to do what we love and the way he spoke to us was so uplifting and filled with enthusiasm. He made the Nationals game more than I ever thought it would be (not being a baseball fan at all!) The game itself was AWESOME! We witnessed an amazing game and an emerging great player! Stephen had an awesome game and we were a part of that sold out crowd and also a part of history in the making! The game was so much fun!

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