Tuesday, August 3, 2010

(D.C TOUR!!) Saturday, June 12th

We headed out from the dorms around 9:30 to start our tour of Washington D.C. We went everywhere you could imagine that day. I loved it! We started on the metro station and got off at Union Station where Jennifer handed each of us questions and we started our tour at Union Station where there was a lot of history.

Our next stop was the Supreme Court; we didn’t get a chance to go in but we took pictures outside. After that, we went to the Library of Congress, which was my favorite building in all of D.C. It was absolutely beautiful inside and all of the books! I was in heaven! At the Library of Congress, I bought a book on Martin Luther King Jr., and also a silver pendant. We then walked past the Capitol where we learned that the Armed Liberty faces the east because the sun never sets on freedom. We also learned that the Lincoln Memorial faces General Lee so he could get his revenge on Lee. Lee is buried on his land plot which is also Arlington Cemetery so he can look at all of the graves for eternity. JFK was also at Arlington days before his death so he is also buried above Arlington. We then went to the Botanical Gardens, which were gorgeous! We tried some jumping in the air group pictures and failed miserably before heading to the National Art Gallery for lunch.

After the National Art Gallery, where we took some great pictures, we headed to the Holocaust Museum. The Holocaust Museum was, if I had to make a choice, my favorite part of the entire trip. I learned so much that I believe I would have never learned from a history course, it was so real.

Amber, Patrick, Sam, and I ended up being the last ones out of the museum so we headed back to the dorms together. We were sort of looking for food and shopping, and we ended up being a very long ways away from the dorms! Patrick started a little documentary on his camcorder device of our death march back home. It was about 95 degrees and so humid that day and we had already been outside or walking since 10 am. We finally got back to the dorms around 6 o’clock after walking for over an hour! The rest of the night we all just hung out.

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  1. I want to see that video! I bet it is hilarious!