Friday, August 20, 2010

(WORKING WITH OUR CEOs) Monday, June 14th

The first day of week 2!! It has come to the point that all of us are so close, it’s crazy! Monday morning, we were all pumped up for our workshops with Rob Haworth. Rob is the vice President for Champions of Character and has been since July of 2008. Before his role as Vice President, he was the superintendent of Warsaw Community Schools in Warsaw, Indiana. Rob spent the morning with us focusing on the Core values of the NAIA and also on finding our locus of control. The core values of the NAIA are integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and servant leadership. I think these values are what makes the NAIA so great and what separates us from the NCAA. I really enjoyed Rob’s workshop with us and a quote that I grabbed from his presentation was “if character development is not your first priority, then all your other priorities are at risk.” This quote will definitely stay with me for years to come!

We then worked on our strategic plans for an hour before our lunch with Rob Haworth and Staci Schottman. Our plan was coming along very well and we had just thought of a interacting game for our presentation. After lunch, Sharon Jaksa was our next speaker. Sharon graduated from Michigan State and she currently is the Chief Executive Officer in the Great Lakes Region in Lansing MI with the American Red Cross. Sharon talked to us about maximizing the blood region experience and her insights were helpful for what we should and shouldn’t do when conducting our blood drives.

We then were each filmed for the NAIA student filming. We were asked to repeat a long phrase and then speak about what the NAIA Champion of Character core values meant to each of us. I get so nervous when I have to speak in front of people, so it was extremely nerve racking in front of a camera! We the continued to plan for our presentations for Friday until about four when we headed back to the dorms to get ready for the reception!

The reception was so much fun. There were so many interesting people to talk to; it was a great networking event! Sam and I worked the room real good, we had awesome conversations with everyone especially Nadia Mitchem, who would be speaking to us later in the week, and also with Sharon Jaksa’s daughter who was heading to Africa to work in an orphanage that next week. It’s amazing how one conversation could get you that big interview in a few years!

After the reception, we went back to the dorms, changed and decided we needed some Ben &Jerry’s. At this point in the trip, I am starting to love all our ice cream runs and all the different flavors at Ben & Jerry’s. Since I’m so picky and like only cheesecake flavored, Ben and Jerry’s is amazing because its strawberry cheesecake! YUM! Later in the night, Jon and I decided we were hungry so Jon, Patrick, and I headed out to find some food! We ended up eating at this little hole in the wall, Lindy’s pub and grill, but it was delicious!

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