Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tuesday morning, we started out the day listening to Julia Wulf speak to us about maximizing the blood region experience. Julia is the Chief Executive Officer of the Lewis and Clark Biomedical Services Region (the Utah, Oregon, area). She has been the CEO since 2004. She gave us some great tips including leadership according to Julia: “find your passion, be prepares, team diversity, work/life balance, value kindness, and leading vs. managing.” We also asked her how she wants to be remembered. She responded by saying, “I want to be remembered as a leader who cared and had great ideas and her region wouldn’t be where it is at without her.” She was really inspirational and I really enjoyed hearing her input and leadership advice!We then had another workshop with Rob Haworth, this one focusing on growth mindset.

Fixed mindset is when you believe intelligence and talent are fixed, whereas growth mindset is when you believe intelligence and talent can be cultivated. Having a growth mindset will get you places; on the other hand, fixed mindset may get you nowhere. Intelligence and talent are important qualities to have, but if you don’t believe you can get smarter or become better at what you love, you’re crazy! Rob also spoke to us about covenants. A covenant is a solemn agreement to do or keep from doing a specified thing. At first, I didn’t really know what to think of the idea, but the more the group talked about it, we decided we would build our own covenant for our 2010 class of student-athletes. We thought of different things we would all agree to do at our separate schools and we filmed them and presented the covenant to Brian and Jennifer on our last day at work.

We then had lunch with Rob and Staci again before heading down to the headquarters office where we could get to spend a few moments with Gail McGovern, the President and CEO of the American Red Cross. Gail has also help top management positions at AT&T Corporation and Fidelity Investments and she has also taught at Harvard Business School. In 2000 and 2001, Gail was recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the top 50 most powerful women in corporate America. Gail was by far my favorite speaker, and even though we got to spend only a few minutes with her, her thoughts and advice I will always remember. She said “if you want it, you can have it.” Although, that is a little farfetched in some aspects, I think it is inspiring because if set your goals high, your life will be full of possibilities and opportunities!

After work, I was so exhausted; I went back to the dorms and passed out for a few hours. After getting some beauty rest, the girls headed out for an ice cream run; this time Conie Island was our destination! There was a park nearby, so we went there and ate our ice cream. Before you know it, with all the cheerleaders in our group, we were learning cheerleading moves. What a sight! It was so much fun, and the girls in this group are especially close!

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