Friday, August 26, 2011


Hey followers!

Well, yesterday was the first day of my last season here at PUC, and the last time I will EVER have to run a timed mile and do 50 pushups (minimum) for Coach Medge. Kind of sad, yet relieving that it is over with for the rest of the season. Granted we didn't even touch a ball yesterday, it was the first day of conditioning, which is vital as the season rolls around.

The first day was amazing. The team is so determined this year. The incoming freshman are not settling as just freshman. They want success just as bad as the returners. They pushed themselves to the max, which is what needs to happen for us to be successful, as a team. As for the older and experienced girls, they pushed just as much! I don't think coach could of been any more happy with Day 1 results. That says a lot about what everyone did in the offseason ....WORKED HARD.

Realizing I AM a student-athlete I suppose I could chat a little bit about the first week of classes ;) haha. This semester is going to be a challenge. I am taking a load of tough classes, but after I knock this semester out, it'll be smooth sailing in the Spring ..on my way out in May! I am taking a dinner class, where I'm at school for 9 hours and actually serve real guests. It's basically a restaurant ran out of the HTM center. It's pretty neat, but can definitely add a lot of stress. I am also taking Feasibilities, Purchasing, Law, and a leadership class. Not the easiest schedule I've ever had to deal with, but what's the fun if life isn't a challenge?

Next week I will have a lengthy blog telling you a little bit about our team, like last year. Not too much! I'm not sure if rival schools read this or not ;) Can't give away all our secret weapons! Stay tuned and follow us on our journey to success for the 2011-12 season!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peaceful Settings ..

Hey followers!

So, as I recently moved back into student housing here at PUC and while working 8 hour shifts at the gym, I noticed the dead times and busy times here. For me, I like to workout when less people are around. Being on campus for the past 3 years, I have made many friendships and have met many friends who like to talk, a lot. haha I like to get in, do what I have to do, and at the pace I want to go at.

Last night I had the most peaceful workout I have ever had here at PUC. I am in my last week of training for my half marathon so my running mileage for the week is at its lowest. I had to run 3 miles last night so I did that on the upstairs track over the gym. After my run, I lifted in the gym while having my iPod headphones in the whole time. It was pretty late so there were not many people in there that could keep me from getting off track with my workout. I got a few pointers from one of the trainers I work with, but that is it.

After my workout, I went into the gym and made 250 shots. Due to having to make 15,000 shots, I have broken down the shots per day needed to make it there. I broke it down to 250 shots made at least 4 days a week. The days that I lift arms I have solely designated form shooting instead of shooting on "The Gun" or "iMake". When I lift arms during my workout, my form and shot always seem off afterwards. Form shooting gets me "back to the basics" and gets me feeling comfortable again with my shot. I have found it to work great for me.

The gym last night was so peaceful. Three-fourths of the lights were off in the gym, all of the bleachers were pushed back, and it was just me, my music, a ball, and a partly lit court. I did my form shooting routine, shot a few roll-out jumpers, and then called it a night -feeling GREAT, motivated, and most of all...focused.

Well followers, I thought I would share my great workout with you all. I can't wait to put this work into games as I approach my last season here. I have had nothing short of an amazing journey each summer I have stayed here. Sadly, this is my last summer at PUC. It was a great one, although I was home for half of it. I have no complaints and I wouldn't trade the opportunities I have been given each summer here for ANYTHING.

Stay tuned as we quickly approach our first day of conditioning!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to Business

Hey Followers!

August is moving right along, which means we will be back at it in no time! Although a couple of the girls are already moved in the dorms, official move-in day for the basketball players is on the 18th. The following day we get the opportunity to meet some of the other students and help them out with the moving process. Classes start up on the 22nd and conditioning starts soon after. It's hard to believe another year is already here, but I'm definitely looking forward to it!

Even though Coach gives us August "off" from open gyms, now is the time we all start to kick it into gear. We have to discipline and motivate ourselves so that when conditioning comes around, we don't have to get into shape, but stay in shape. Each player has to have made 15,000 shots this summer, and we are also going to be tested on our running and push-ups. This is a great way to keep us honest and make sure we have been working at it during the summer.

Although we will miss Jenny and MeMe, we have a great group of freshmen coming in. It's been a lot of fun to get to know the girls and play some basketball with them. We are looking to have a very solid team this year, and I'm very excited about the success that is soon to come our way. Stay tuned as we very shortly begin this journey. Go Peregrines!

Brooklyn Short #4