Friday, November 26, 2010


Hey everyone! This blog is going to be written by THREE of us :) Jenny Britton, Alex Starr, and myself, Stephaine Beck. We have reached our destination in Iowa. We had a great shoot around and a yummy dinner at Ryan's steakhouse. It was like a family dinner :)
The dinner was by far one of the funniest experiences ever. We had one of the most outgoing waitresses, her name was Judy and she did a chant for us. It was a tremendous chant, buttttttttt she called us "PAC" instead of "PUC" hahahaha She loved her job, definitely.
Back at the hotel room now we want to tell you about our sweet SUITE. haha Umm, first off-it's HUGE and spacious. Not to mention, we got a FIREPLACE!!!!! We have a kitchen, 2 tvs, a bedroom with 2 beds, a bathroom, and the livingroom is gigantic with a separate pull out bed. Oh, and Alex wants you all to know there also is a dishwasher! Even though we won't be doing any type of housewife chores here.
Besides all that, tomorrow is what we came here for. We play a tough Mount Mercy team at 1 pm (cst). According to the scouting report they have great shooters, they run a fast break, and they are good rebounders. We are without one of our post players tomorrow unfortunately. Lindsey Whitcomb suffered a concussion last game. Even though we don't have her she still came here to support us and we'll have others step up to fill in her shoes.
Well, we're going to do a little homework, watch a movie and head off to bed. Hope you all check up on us Saturday night or Sunday morning to see how the game went, if not we'll be blogging again soon!
Until next time..

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