Friday, December 3, 2010

And Then There Was 10

Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay on blogging. These past few weeks sure have been hectic with the semester ending. We have dropped 2 games in a row putting us a 5-3 so far this year. We have had many injuries and nagging pains that have set us back a little. We've had concussions, knee problems, shoulder problems, deep bruising, back problems, ETC! It is a rough season and come conference time we need ALL 10 players healthy and at their best.

Our next game is Tuesday at Olivet. They are always a great team with a 90 second sub rotation, playing 15 girls. They like to trap and press and shoot the 3. The speed of the game will be VERY uptempo. We have been preparing in practice this week to get us the much needed win on the road.

Sorry this is so short, but back to the grind. Due dates for projects, studying for finals, and doing online quizzes are calling.

Until next time...


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