Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So Long ..

Hey Followers!

This will be my final blog ever as a PUC women's basketball player. I know Brooklyn and I have slacked on our blogs this year, but we were too busy in the gym and classroom! ;) I just want all of you followers to know that it was nothing against you. We are busy student-athletes.

Overall, my senior year was ALMOST everything I wanted it to be. We went 23-10 and came up just short of an at-large bid for the National Tournament in Iowa after losing in the conference championship. We had 5 girls on conference teams (Me, Brooklyn, Alex, Amanda and Kami), 3 on the 1st team. We had the most in the conference as a team. This year I was able to break the career 3 point record which was a huge honor. The record was previosuly held by my former teammate, Jennifer Britton, one of the best shooters to ever come through PUC. I ended up 3rd on the all-time scoring list, as I am honored to be top 3 with such dominant women's basketball names from the past.

I honestly cannot explain how much love and care I have for each of my teammates and coaches, along with the athletic staff. This was a great overall year and I cannot thank everyone enough for the support along the way. My senior year was everything I wanted it to be, besides coming up short of the bid.

I owe a huge thank you to everyone, even if you are reading this and we have never spoke. Your support in reading our blogs, whether your a follower or not, is greatly appreciated. The faculty and staff here at PUC has nothing but made me who I am and I wouldn't trade being a Peregrine for anything in the world. I cannot say enough about PUC, I really can't. I believe that this program has nowhere else to go but up in the future and I wish my family here the best of luck in doing so.

What do I do now? Well, I am moving to Oregon in pursuit of an adventure. I have saved up some cash to live on the West coast. I am extremely excited to take on the challenges that are going to occur in 17 days, as I leave the Midwest on May 18th. I will definitely miss everyone here that I have met and created relationships with over the years, but I'll never forget anyone, even 2200 miles away. My family and PUC family has been nothing but supportive. I hope to pursue a coaching career, but if not, I am more than eager to begin a career in my major, Hospitality and Tourism Management.

It is not the awards throughout my career that I will take with me on this journey, but the relationships that will forever be in my heart. I will never forget my 4 years here at PUC.

Thank you all for your support over the years. You all truly changed my life.

So long,

#21 -Stephaine Beck

Monday, December 19, 2011

Rollin' On ..

Hey followers!
I do apologize for the long delay with the blog. Things can get pretty hectic here during the season as far as basketball, school, and work. Hopefully I can update all of you followers and get you up to speed about what's been happening here at PUC since Brooklyn and I have disappeared and wrote on here last. I blame her as well for the delay though! ;)
We are currently sitting at a 10-4 record along with being 2-0 in the CCAC. We have continued to work hard in the gym day in and day out. The great thing about this year is that we are getting a good work out in EVERY day and smiling while we're doing it. I would hate to jinx us, but I can't remember the last time we had a bad practice. We have a great squad this year and we constantly push each other every day. This year we have a team and a chance to do big things.
In the national rankings a few weeks ago, we were getting national recognition and votes to be in the top 25. This is the first time since I have been here that this has happened. It's nice to see the work we've put in get a little credit. The objective has been to play teams from different areas to get recognition in other places rather than just in Northwest Indiana. We have played SEVERAL teams this year that have had dominant basketball programs in past years. Those are the teams we need to be playing to make ourselves better.
This week we have two tough teams coming to Hammond to give us a run before a few days off for Christmas. We play two great teams who have received votes to be nationally recognized in the past two vote sessions. These two games will really prove where we are as a team. As good ball teams, we have to respect them, but at the same time play to higher heights and show them how great we want to be this season. You never know what you're capable of until you do it and prove to yourself that you CAN.
Here goes another week of great basketball. I am halfway thru my senior year of school and basketball. It's an emotional rollercoaster, knowing that this is it, but I wouldn't want to spend the past 3 1/2 years anywhere else. I'll always be a peregrine.
Until next time ..

Friday, October 21, 2011

Something New ..

Hey Followers!

Well, tomorrow begins something new for the team. We finally have an exhibition game versus Prairie State from Chicago. We have been going hard against eachother for over a month now and I believe we are ready for a change and challenge. Being at practice with the same girls every day, and playing against the same girls, can become difficult. You become robotic, knowing that the offense and defense they are running is the same one you use and is performed the same way. Granted, you do have to become more creative with things, playing against another team will be fun.

Tomorrow is just one step closer to my final season here at PUC. It hits home a little bit. I remember freshman year like it was yesterday. So many different events have occured since then, good and bad. All in all, I have learned a lot in my years here and I wouldn't trade anything for the world. Once tomorrow comes, everything will be a blur for the next 4 months. Time flies when you're having fun!

Above is a picture of most of the team from the pumpkin patch earlier this week. It was a great team bonding day. We picked out pumpkins, got some great food, rode on the tractor ride, and got to look at all the neat items they had for sale.

This year is something new, something different, and something I know I'll never forget. I am excited for what is to come with the squad we have this year. Stay tuned in as the season has now begun!

Upcoming Exhibitions/Games

Oct. 22 Exhibition vs. Prairie State

Oct 31 Exhibition @ St. Mary's

Nov. 4/5 Opening Host Tournament

Hope to see you all soon!!!


Friday, September 30, 2011

What We're Becoming ..

Hey Followers!

We're just about through with the first 2 weeks since practice started and boy, has it been rough! We have been working extremely hard, every day. There hasn't been a day where I haven't been sore. We have gone hard for 2 hours straight since day 1.

We are becoming a team. In high school, you have one main scorer or one person that goes hard day in and day out, but at Purdue Cal this year we have 14 girls who do that. It's amazing in 3 years, this being the 4th, how much this program has changed. It's nice.

What we're capable this year is incredible. With the improvements over the summer, we should be able to compete for a conference title. We've had our hearts broken in the tournament, hoping to get the title, but we know that feeling now. It isn't a feeling we want to have again. As long as we keep working hard and set our minds right, we'll be successful.

Let's set some goals for this season:

Respect everyone -coaches, teammates, opponents, etc.

TEAMWORK at all times

Positive attitudes, always

Work hard when you're on the court - in everything!

20+ win season

Conference title

Do something great at Nationals.

most importantly,


Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm a Survivor!

On Friday Sept. 9, the team took on the challenge of the dunes for our conditioning. We did a few warm-up running exercises in the sand, then made our way up the towering sand dunes. We made three different trips up and down the dunes, stopping for a moment each time to enjoy the scenery (and catch our breath) when we reached the top. On our final trip down, the team joined hands and finished the challenge all together, as a team. It was an extremely tough workout. I believe we got stronger not only physically, but also as a team. We survived the dunes challenge!
After the dunes, the team stopped at Redamaks for some pretty stellar food. During the meal, each player, and Medge too, shared their high and low point of the day. We took a few pictures together and just enjoyed each other's company! It was a great time and a great team bonding experience.

This past week, we finished up our last week of conditioning. Tomorrow, we have our first official practice of the season. I'm really excited to get this year started! Conditioning has been going great. We've had the opportunity to get up and down the court together, and we are already starting to mesh well as a team! We've got high expectations for this season, and tomorrow we begin to work towards achieving all our goals. Let the fun begin!

Brooklyn Short #4

Meet The Family ..

Hey Followers!
We've got a full team this season! We will begin the season with 13 girls on the team. Above is the 2011-12 Purdue University Calumet women's basketball team. We look pretty good, huh!? ;) We have 5 incoming freshmen and 8 returners from last season. We landed 4 guards and a post player this year, who will all enter their first year here at PUC.

I'm not so sure what each individual freshman did in high school, but it's a whole different world here playing college basketball. They are adjusting quite well and it looks as if they'll all be making immediate impact. They have shown great determination and look to be focused for the season, which is what we need.

For the returners, they look just as focused. We have 8 returners, but 7 until Savannah Hauter starts practicing with us due to being on the women's volleyball team. We return 2 All-CCAC picks being me and Tierra Turner, as well as Alex Starr and Brooklyn Short who both will be key players for us this year. Amanda Gaskin is showing leadership qualities during conditioning. She is always one to put everything into what she does on the court. Madi Gervais and Lindsey Whitcomb will be our posts this year, who look strong and have established a nice touch over the summer break.

That's the team in a nutshell! We hope to bring a 20 win season home this year. As we begin our journey, we would love the type of support we recieved last year, if not more. Talk is cheap. It's time to go out and do something this year. A conference championship would be a great start to prove to everyone how hard we really did work. But first, we have a month and a half full of hard and challenging practices to get us there. We're ready.

Until next time ..

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hey followers!

Well, yesterday was the first day of my last season here at PUC, and the last time I will EVER have to run a timed mile and do 50 pushups (minimum) for Coach Medge. Kind of sad, yet relieving that it is over with for the rest of the season. Granted we didn't even touch a ball yesterday, it was the first day of conditioning, which is vital as the season rolls around.

The first day was amazing. The team is so determined this year. The incoming freshman are not settling as just freshman. They want success just as bad as the returners. They pushed themselves to the max, which is what needs to happen for us to be successful, as a team. As for the older and experienced girls, they pushed just as much! I don't think coach could of been any more happy with Day 1 results. That says a lot about what everyone did in the offseason ....WORKED HARD.

Realizing I AM a student-athlete I suppose I could chat a little bit about the first week of classes ;) haha. This semester is going to be a challenge. I am taking a load of tough classes, but after I knock this semester out, it'll be smooth sailing in the Spring ..on my way out in May! I am taking a dinner class, where I'm at school for 9 hours and actually serve real guests. It's basically a restaurant ran out of the HTM center. It's pretty neat, but can definitely add a lot of stress. I am also taking Feasibilities, Purchasing, Law, and a leadership class. Not the easiest schedule I've ever had to deal with, but what's the fun if life isn't a challenge?

Next week I will have a lengthy blog telling you a little bit about our team, like last year. Not too much! I'm not sure if rival schools read this or not ;) Can't give away all our secret weapons! Stay tuned and follow us on our journey to success for the 2011-12 season!

Until next time ..