Friday, October 21, 2011

Something New ..

Hey Followers!

Well, tomorrow begins something new for the team. We finally have an exhibition game versus Prairie State from Chicago. We have been going hard against eachother for over a month now and I believe we are ready for a change and challenge. Being at practice with the same girls every day, and playing against the same girls, can become difficult. You become robotic, knowing that the offense and defense they are running is the same one you use and is performed the same way. Granted, you do have to become more creative with things, playing against another team will be fun.

Tomorrow is just one step closer to my final season here at PUC. It hits home a little bit. I remember freshman year like it was yesterday. So many different events have occured since then, good and bad. All in all, I have learned a lot in my years here and I wouldn't trade anything for the world. Once tomorrow comes, everything will be a blur for the next 4 months. Time flies when you're having fun!

Above is a picture of most of the team from the pumpkin patch earlier this week. It was a great team bonding day. We picked out pumpkins, got some great food, rode on the tractor ride, and got to look at all the neat items they had for sale.

This year is something new, something different, and something I know I'll never forget. I am excited for what is to come with the squad we have this year. Stay tuned in as the season has now begun!

Upcoming Exhibitions/Games

Oct. 22 Exhibition vs. Prairie State

Oct 31 Exhibition @ St. Mary's

Nov. 4/5 Opening Host Tournament

Hope to see you all soon!!!


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