Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet The Family ..

Hey Followers!
We've got a full team this season! We will begin the season with 13 girls on the team. Above is the 2011-12 Purdue University Calumet women's basketball team. We look pretty good, huh!? ;) We have 5 incoming freshmen and 8 returners from last season. We landed 4 guards and a post player this year, who will all enter their first year here at PUC.

I'm not so sure what each individual freshman did in high school, but it's a whole different world here playing college basketball. They are adjusting quite well and it looks as if they'll all be making immediate impact. They have shown great determination and look to be focused for the season, which is what we need.

For the returners, they look just as focused. We have 8 returners, but 7 until Savannah Hauter starts practicing with us due to being on the women's volleyball team. We return 2 All-CCAC picks being me and Tierra Turner, as well as Alex Starr and Brooklyn Short who both will be key players for us this year. Amanda Gaskin is showing leadership qualities during conditioning. She is always one to put everything into what she does on the court. Madi Gervais and Lindsey Whitcomb will be our posts this year, who look strong and have established a nice touch over the summer break.

That's the team in a nutshell! We hope to bring a 20 win season home this year. As we begin our journey, we would love the type of support we recieved last year, if not more. Talk is cheap. It's time to go out and do something this year. A conference championship would be a great start to prove to everyone how hard we really did work. But first, we have a month and a half full of hard and challenging practices to get us there. We're ready.

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