Friday, August 26, 2011


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Well, yesterday was the first day of my last season here at PUC, and the last time I will EVER have to run a timed mile and do 50 pushups (minimum) for Coach Medge. Kind of sad, yet relieving that it is over with for the rest of the season. Granted we didn't even touch a ball yesterday, it was the first day of conditioning, which is vital as the season rolls around.

The first day was amazing. The team is so determined this year. The incoming freshman are not settling as just freshman. They want success just as bad as the returners. They pushed themselves to the max, which is what needs to happen for us to be successful, as a team. As for the older and experienced girls, they pushed just as much! I don't think coach could of been any more happy with Day 1 results. That says a lot about what everyone did in the offseason ....WORKED HARD.

Realizing I AM a student-athlete I suppose I could chat a little bit about the first week of classes ;) haha. This semester is going to be a challenge. I am taking a load of tough classes, but after I knock this semester out, it'll be smooth sailing in the Spring ..on my way out in May! I am taking a dinner class, where I'm at school for 9 hours and actually serve real guests. It's basically a restaurant ran out of the HTM center. It's pretty neat, but can definitely add a lot of stress. I am also taking Feasibilities, Purchasing, Law, and a leadership class. Not the easiest schedule I've ever had to deal with, but what's the fun if life isn't a challenge?

Next week I will have a lengthy blog telling you a little bit about our team, like last year. Not too much! I'm not sure if rival schools read this or not ;) Can't give away all our secret weapons! Stay tuned and follow us on our journey to success for the 2011-12 season!

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