Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm a Survivor!

On Friday Sept. 9, the team took on the challenge of the dunes for our conditioning. We did a few warm-up running exercises in the sand, then made our way up the towering sand dunes. We made three different trips up and down the dunes, stopping for a moment each time to enjoy the scenery (and catch our breath) when we reached the top. On our final trip down, the team joined hands and finished the challenge all together, as a team. It was an extremely tough workout. I believe we got stronger not only physically, but also as a team. We survived the dunes challenge!
After the dunes, the team stopped at Redamaks for some pretty stellar food. During the meal, each player, and Medge too, shared their high and low point of the day. We took a few pictures together and just enjoyed each other's company! It was a great time and a great team bonding experience.

This past week, we finished up our last week of conditioning. Tomorrow, we have our first official practice of the season. I'm really excited to get this year started! Conditioning has been going great. We've had the opportunity to get up and down the court together, and we are already starting to mesh well as a team! We've got high expectations for this season, and tomorrow we begin to work towards achieving all our goals. Let the fun begin!

Brooklyn Short #4

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