Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So Long ..

Hey Followers!

This will be my final blog ever as a PUC women's basketball player. I know Brooklyn and I have slacked on our blogs this year, but we were too busy in the gym and classroom! ;) I just want all of you followers to know that it was nothing against you. We are busy student-athletes.

Overall, my senior year was ALMOST everything I wanted it to be. We went 23-10 and came up just short of an at-large bid for the National Tournament in Iowa after losing in the conference championship. We had 5 girls on conference teams (Me, Brooklyn, Alex, Amanda and Kami), 3 on the 1st team. We had the most in the conference as a team. This year I was able to break the career 3 point record which was a huge honor. The record was previosuly held by my former teammate, Jennifer Britton, one of the best shooters to ever come through PUC. I ended up 3rd on the all-time scoring list, as I am honored to be top 3 with such dominant women's basketball names from the past.

I honestly cannot explain how much love and care I have for each of my teammates and coaches, along with the athletic staff. This was a great overall year and I cannot thank everyone enough for the support along the way. My senior year was everything I wanted it to be, besides coming up short of the bid.

I owe a huge thank you to everyone, even if you are reading this and we have never spoke. Your support in reading our blogs, whether your a follower or not, is greatly appreciated. The faculty and staff here at PUC has nothing but made me who I am and I wouldn't trade being a Peregrine for anything in the world. I cannot say enough about PUC, I really can't. I believe that this program has nowhere else to go but up in the future and I wish my family here the best of luck in doing so.

What do I do now? Well, I am moving to Oregon in pursuit of an adventure. I have saved up some cash to live on the West coast. I am extremely excited to take on the challenges that are going to occur in 17 days, as I leave the Midwest on May 18th. I will definitely miss everyone here that I have met and created relationships with over the years, but I'll never forget anyone, even 2200 miles away. My family and PUC family has been nothing but supportive. I hope to pursue a coaching career, but if not, I am more than eager to begin a career in my major, Hospitality and Tourism Management.

It is not the awards throughout my career that I will take with me on this journey, but the relationships that will forever be in my heart. I will never forget my 4 years here at PUC.

Thank you all for your support over the years. You all truly changed my life.

So long,

#21 -Stephaine Beck

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