Friday, September 30, 2011

What We're Becoming ..

Hey Followers!

We're just about through with the first 2 weeks since practice started and boy, has it been rough! We have been working extremely hard, every day. There hasn't been a day where I haven't been sore. We have gone hard for 2 hours straight since day 1.

We are becoming a team. In high school, you have one main scorer or one person that goes hard day in and day out, but at Purdue Cal this year we have 14 girls who do that. It's amazing in 3 years, this being the 4th, how much this program has changed. It's nice.

What we're capable this year is incredible. With the improvements over the summer, we should be able to compete for a conference title. We've had our hearts broken in the tournament, hoping to get the title, but we know that feeling now. It isn't a feeling we want to have again. As long as we keep working hard and set our minds right, we'll be successful.

Let's set some goals for this season:

Respect everyone -coaches, teammates, opponents, etc.

TEAMWORK at all times

Positive attitudes, always

Work hard when you're on the court - in everything!

20+ win season

Conference title

Do something great at Nationals.

most importantly,


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