Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where Are We Now?

HEY EVERYONE! Sorry it has taken quite a long time for me to blog for the women's basketball team. This semester has already been a crazy one so time management takes a bit to get used to. Classes are pretty challenging and definitely time consuming to say the least. Hope everyone is doing well!

As of right now, we stand at 15-12 and 6-5 in the conference. Come Saturday, we are going into our last regular season game at Calumet College. The last match-up was sent into overtime-where unfortunately Cal College took over and beat us on our home floor. It was a hard fought game and that is a time where you are happy to have a second round in CCAC conference play.

Next week is a huge week for all NAIA basketball. The conference tournament is where you put the whole season together for 40 minutes with no regrets. Everything you have worked on for 6 months comes down to this last week. If we were to sweep the conference tournament it'll put us right where we have been working towards this whole season-at the NAIA National Tournament.

I'll be sure to keep everyone posted! Hope you have all been following our games via internet with the game articles provided after each game-if not, here at PUC live watching us. It is always a great atmosphere. Thanks for following and once again, sorry for the long delay on the blog!

Until next time...


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