Monday, February 21, 2011

What It All Comes Down To..

The time is finally here..

Every sprint, every sand dune, every lift in the weight room, every offseason shot..

It all matters now. 40 minutes of solid basketball. All you've got-just to get to the next game. This is it. You get 40 minutes at a time and if you don't pull it all together-that loss means the most. The end of the season..

We've come a long way. So far, since I have been here we posted the best regular season record at 16-12 with some wins that we could of won-we just didn't put it together for the total 40 minutes. Maybe it was for 39 minutes, or 38. It doesn't count. It has to be 40.

This is the CCAC tournament. A title of CCAC Tournament Champions gives us a free birth to the National Tournament in Iowa-what we have been preparing for the last 6 months.

I hope to see EVERYONE at our conference opener versus Judson at 7 pm on Tuesday Feb. 22nd! We need YOUR support. You fans are the ones who make the atmosphere the way it is.

Until next time..


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