Monday, January 24, 2011

What It Takes To Be Great

After reading an article I took interest in what it takes to be great. So here is what type of insight I gained from reading: It's always been said that there is no substitution for hard work. If you look at the greatest players in the world-yes, they have talent but to keep that talent from folding into a normal athlete they practice what they are good at repetitively.

All humans were born with a natural talent that they are able to do better than anyone. For some it is in athletics, but it could also be at work, in school, hobbby-related, etc. It is just a natural talent, but to be the best at it you have to practice until you're great.

Consistency is crucial. It isn't practicing and shooting different each shot, but making the shot and using the same fundamentals each time are extremely crucial. You can practice the same shot over and over again, but if you miss every time and don't practice it the right way it is useless. It is said that the people who excel best at what they do, spend 10,000 of deliberate practice in their life.

The mindset of someone trying to excel in a certain activity has to be nothing but positive and focused. If something doesn't go your way you cannot pout and get a negative attitude. It is just something that should motivate you to practice harder on that aspect. It's your weak point and in order to make yourself the best you have to be great in EVERY aspect.

A perfect example of a determined player is Michael Jordan. Most people have heard the story about him getting cut from his high school team. MJ then went on to be one of the greatest players of all times in the game of basketball. With his positive mind frame and hard work-anything was possible. The only person that stopped MJ from being great was himself.

This isn't everything it takes to be great, but overall what I've learned from life is that attitude is everything. If you think you can do something you're probably right, if you think you can't you're probably right also. If you want to be the best and if you invest all your time in trying to be the best-most likely you'll become the best.

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