Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peaceful Settings ..

Hey followers!

So, as I recently moved back into student housing here at PUC and while working 8 hour shifts at the gym, I noticed the dead times and busy times here. For me, I like to workout when less people are around. Being on campus for the past 3 years, I have made many friendships and have met many friends who like to talk, a lot. haha I like to get in, do what I have to do, and at the pace I want to go at.

Last night I had the most peaceful workout I have ever had here at PUC. I am in my last week of training for my half marathon so my running mileage for the week is at its lowest. I had to run 3 miles last night so I did that on the upstairs track over the gym. After my run, I lifted in the gym while having my iPod headphones in the whole time. It was pretty late so there were not many people in there that could keep me from getting off track with my workout. I got a few pointers from one of the trainers I work with, but that is it.

After my workout, I went into the gym and made 250 shots. Due to having to make 15,000 shots, I have broken down the shots per day needed to make it there. I broke it down to 250 shots made at least 4 days a week. The days that I lift arms I have solely designated form shooting instead of shooting on "The Gun" or "iMake". When I lift arms during my workout, my form and shot always seem off afterwards. Form shooting gets me "back to the basics" and gets me feeling comfortable again with my shot. I have found it to work great for me.

The gym last night was so peaceful. Three-fourths of the lights were off in the gym, all of the bleachers were pushed back, and it was just me, my music, a ball, and a partly lit court. I did my form shooting routine, shot a few roll-out jumpers, and then called it a night -feeling GREAT, motivated, and most of all...focused.

Well followers, I thought I would share my great workout with you all. I can't wait to put this work into games as I approach my last season here. I have had nothing short of an amazing journey each summer I have stayed here. Sadly, this is my last summer at PUC. It was a great one, although I was home for half of it. I have no complaints and I wouldn't trade the opportunities I have been given each summer here for ANYTHING.

Stay tuned as we quickly approach our first day of conditioning!

Until next time ..


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