Monday, July 18, 2011

Catching Up ..

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Last week was the summer camp for elementary through high school kids that were interested in attending our skills camp to help develop their basketball skills. I had the opportunity to help out with the four day camp again this year. I saw familiar faces, but also new ones that I hope attend next years camp. What an experience!

Each day we worked on stretching and drills we do here on the women's basketball team to help warm up our legs before practice. We also worked on ballhandling, correct shooting technique, shooting (lay-ups & short jump shots), and drills implementing ballhandling while dribbling, such as races. Little kids always enjoy a little bit of competition.

Although the camp was only four days long, you could see steady improvement with each girl that attended the camp. Some mornings the girls would come up to me and tell me and the other camp instructors what they worked on when they went home after camp each day. You could see the difference between day one and day two.

Overall, it was a great experience and I am sad to know that it was my last one here at PUC because I will be wrapping up my four year experience being a student-athlete at the university as of May 2012. I had a great time each year with each and every one of the girls. I hope to hear about them as they grow older and hopefully go on to play basketball in high school and college.

Above is a picture of Ashley, Adrianna and myself holding a picture. Ashley and Adrianna were two sisters who attended the camp. They drew each camp instructor pictures to hang in their lockers during the season.

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